Planning and Integrating


in Kindergartens

& Primary Schools


The 1st grade students of San Pablo want to introduce themselves and show you the schoolyard and the nearest park of the school (Talula Park). They have had a lot of fun making puzzles with their images with the tool Jigsaw Planet. Click on the pieces to play with them.

Our third class students have learned to edit photos with Pizap. They chose a green space of the region of Murcia and put their photo inside it. The results look great!

Here you can see the iberian fauna. These collaborative mind maps have been created by the students of the 4th grade with Popplet.

They also learned to use Gmail and to search text and images with Google. After they haved looked for information of many green spaces and sightseeing points of the town of Murcia, the students put all together into a collaborative and interactive image, using the tool Thinglink.

The children of the 5th level have created really wonderful videos about the environment using the tool Animoto.