Planning and Integrating


in Kindergartens

& Primary Schools


The students of the 5th grade have learned to make slides presentations with Google Slides. Here you can see how was a Muslim town and a Christian town in the past.

The students of the 6th grade have been working with Timeglider. This is a tool to create timelines. Here you can see the history of the contemporary age of Spain.


The 4th-grade students have learned to write text documents with Google Docs. The have written some interesting researches of different museums about the history of our region. Here is one example.


The 2nd-grade students have prepared some Vokis to show you many important or famous people in our region. Click on the images to open them.


Spain is a monarchy. Here you can see two padlets of the Bourbon dynasty created by the 4th year students.


Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

The students of the 3th year are doing an investigation work about Muhammád Ibn Mardanís, the "Wolf King", a muslim king who lived in Murcia in the 12th century. They have recreated the time in which the king lived with Pizap.