Planning and Integrating


in Kindergartens

& Primary Schools


We are learning about fruits and food in this time of the year: the autumn. For that purpose, we have brought different products and we have taken pictures of ourselves to prepare some puzzles. Here they are. This activity is really fun!

Our second grade students have edited the maps of the countries involved in this Erasmus + project. They have used Scribble maps and have added some typical foods and products of them.


Third grade students of San Pablo have discovered that cooking is not at odds with ICT at all. They have prepared three tradicional dishes from Murcia. Here is the video!


Our third grade students have cooked at home some recipes from Murcia. They have been helped by their parents or grandparents and have taken photos of the process. After the cooking, they have edited the recipes with Canva to show you our fantastic Murcian gastronomy. Have a look!

Our 4th grade students have created a very interesting work about gastronomy in each Spanish Comunity. They made it collaboratively in groups of 3-4 people using Google Docs. Here are the results! 


Our 5th grade students have designed some surveys to know about the food preferences of their classmates. Here you can see some examples.